Population of Dover 2020: (Capital City of Delaware)

Dover as a city is the capital of the state of Delaware, USA. The central square in the city was the spot in the past for various rallies and patriotic events.

The climate over here is on the warmer side with temperatures touching above 30 degrees Celsius. It is also known to be the fastest-growing place in the state of Delaware due to its low cost of living.

Population of Dover 2020

If you happen to be into NASCAR, the city does hold a place in it and hosts race in the Dover International Speedway.

Population of Dover in 2020:

To find out the population of Dover in 2020, the population figures for the last 5 years need to be checked. They are as follows:

  1. 2015 –37,522
  2. 2016 – 37,820
  3. 2017 – 38,110
  4. 2018 – 38,405
  5. 5.2019 – 38,563.6

After looking at the data figures from 2015-19; it can be seen that the population of Dover went up by 1041.6 in the past 5 years. In terms of average, every year the population goes up by 208.32. Additionally, the population in 2020 is expected to be 38,563.6 + 208.32 = 38,771.92. To conclude, the population of Dover in 2020 as per estimates = 38,771.92.

Demography of Dover:

As per race, the population is kind of equal with Whites at 45%, Black 42%, American Indian 4%, others 2%.

The median age of Dover is 29.9 years with a sex ratio of 52% females and 48% males.

Most of the people living in the city converse in English and is the main language over here. The other language that is the 2nd most widely spoken language is Spanish.

Population Density and Growth of Dover:

The population density of the city is 829 persons per square kilometer. Dover over the years has had an average population growth with less number of people coming over here and settling in. Dover in recent years it has somehow made up with its positive population growth.

It is expected that the city of Dover will experience higher population growth in the coming years with more number of people settling in here and less number of individuals leaving the city.

Facts About Dover:

  1. There are numerous attractions within the city but one of the most fascinating ones is the White Cliffs of Dover.
  2. During the time of World War 2, the city faced huge destruction and was bombed via air. It was shelled from France and after the war, the city was redeveloped.
  3. The city of Dover had a deep connection with Underground Railroad. Also, slavery was one big issue that it had to face.
  4. The city is governed as per the council-manager rule. The council comprises of about 9 members, with 8 being elected from a total of four districts and each holding two members each. Finally, one member is elected.
  5. Dover as a city has a lot of attractions to offer for locals as well as tourists. The Dover Castle is one of the oldest castles over here and it is open for the public to get a good look at it. Similarly, the White Cliffs are a sight to see with its picturesque look.

Another famous attraction of the city is the Dover Museum, which offers you a handful of information about the city’s past and also you can get to know a lot about the Bronze Age as well as the local history of Dover.

These attractions make the city more appealing and one of the reasons why the city is flooded with tourists each year.