Population of Harrisburg 2020: (Capital of Pennsylvania)

Harrisburg is a city in Pennsylvania State, the U.S. It happens to be the capital of the state and an imperative city. It was known to be one of the top cities for raising a family but economic problems in recent years have changed the scenario of the city.

Population of Harrisburg 2020

Before being a city, it was known to be a crossing for traders. Also, the Europeans arrived here as early as the 1600s but didn’t settle immediately.

Currently, the economy is getting back on track even after numerous economic troubles it had in the past.

Population of Harrisburg in 2020:

To find out the population of Harrisburg in 2020, the population figures for the past 5 years need to be checked. They are as follows:

  1. 2015 –49,081
  2. 2016 –48,992
  3. 2017– 48,898
  4. 2018 – 48,808
  5. 2019 – 48,710.8

On checking the population from 2015-19; the population of Portland seems to have lost a bit of population by having a decline of 370.2 in the past 5 years. As per average, each year the population decreases by 74.04. Additionally, the population in 2020 is estimated to be 48,710.8 – 74.04 = 48,636.76. To conclude, the population of Harrisburg in 2020 as per estimates = 48,636.76.

Demography of Harrisburg:

Around 31% of the population belongs to the age group of 25-44 years and 28% below the age of 18. 52% are Black, 34% White, 6% Asian, 1% Native American, and other races make up the rest of it.

The city of Harrisburg has a median age of 31 years with a sex ratio of 53% females and 47% males.

English is the most spoken language in Harrisburg with 80% speakers; also a large number of Spanish speakers are in the city as well.

Population Density of Harrisburg:

Harrisburg has a population density of 2339 persons per square kilometer. The city has been struggling to have a positive population growth for years now. Many people are leaving the city due to various reasons like financial issues and other problems.

It is estimated that there will be a population growth after a few more years of decline in population.

Facts About Harrisburg:

  1. The Broad Street Market in the city of Harrisburg is well known and happens to be the oldest operating market in the United States. During the time of the Civil War, vendors would feed soldiers who were placed here at the nearby Camp Curtin.
  2. The National Civil War Museum is located at the highest point in the city of Harrisburg. It is not only about its exterior but also it holds numerous artifacts. It is one of the biggest museums in the world solely dedicated to the Civil War and it is also the solitary museum in the United States to give the full story from both sides of the war.
  3. The Pennsylvania Farm Show is held in the city for a long time. It first started in the year 1917 and it happens to be the largest indoor agriculture exposition in the country. This event is held every year in January, mostly from the beginning of the month until the middle of January.
  4. During the time of the Civil War, the city of Harrisburg was an imperative center of the Union Army as there were thousands of troops passing via Camp Curtin.
  5. The steel industry became an imperative part of the city’s economy in the 19th century. Steel and other industries became a crucial factor for the rise of the city and also it became an imperative railroad center.