Population of Jackson 2020: (Capital & Largest City of Mississippi)

Jackson city has the status of being the largest city as well as the capital of the state of Mississippi. It was founded in the year 1821 and by the 1920s it turned out to be the most populated city in Mississippi.

Population of Jackson 2020

The music culture in the city has been kept alive with its tradition of Blues, folk, and jazz music.

Additionally, the crime rate in the city is on the higher side with frequent incidents of killing and theft in the city.

Population of Jackson in 2020:

To get the exact population of Jackson in 2020, the population figures for the previous 5 years need to be checked. They are as follows:

  1. 2015 –170,674
  2. 2016 – 170,104
  3. 2017 – 169,540
  4. 2018 – 168,972
  5. 2019 – 168,388

After going through the data numbers from 2015-19; it is known that the population of Jackson has gone down by 2286 in the past 5 years. As per average, each year the population decreases by 457.2. Additionally, the population in 2020 is estimated to be 168,388 – 457.2 = 167,930.8. As per the conclusion, the population of Jackson in 2020 as per estimates = 167,930.8.

Demography of Jackson:

In terms of racial numbers, 82% are Black, 17% White, 0.5% Asian, 0.2% Native American and a few of them from other races.

32.4 years is the median age in the city of Jackson with a sex ratio of 53% females and 47% males. Almost 98% of the people converse in English and a few of them in Spanish as well as French.

Population Density and Growth of Jackson:

Jackson city has a population density of 580.4 persons per square kilometer. The city has been suffering huge population losses over the years and it was only in 2011 there was somewhat of a growth. Due to high crime rates and lack of good living as compared to other cities, people are leaving the city.

It is estimated that this population loss is set to continue for a few more years until it gets a positive population growth.

Facts About Jackson:

  1. The Zoo situated in Jackson city which currently comprises a large number of mammals, reptiles and birds started low-key. During the early part of the 1900s, firefighters of the city kept certain wild pets to pass their time in the form of squirrels, alligators, and deer. Jackson acquired a large amount of land to fit in a zoological park during the 1920s and the firemen’s pets turned out to be the first animals to be on display here.
  2. In 1963, the first-ever human lung transplant happened at the University of Mississippi in the city. It was a successful transplant and a year later a heart transplant in a human got to be successful as well, utilizing the heart of a chimpanzee.
  3. The city of Jackson has something in common with other cities like Helsinki, Moscow and even Varna. The similarity is that only these four cities are permitted to host the International Ballet Competition, which goes on for about two weeks.
  4. Few people may know this but the name of the city in its past was something else in the form of LeFleur. Later on, when the state legislature made its mind to make it the state capital, the name was changed to Jackson. The name of Jackson was given in honor of Andrew Jackson, who was a major general during the Battle of New Orleans.
  5. Jackson comprises various attractions with the Lamar Life Building, Mississippi State Capitol and so on.