Population of Kansas City 2020: (Largest City of Missouri)

Kansas City is situated in the state of Missouri and it happens to be the largest city as well in the state.

The town of Kansas was included in the year 1850, in a fraction of a time the territory of Kansas was established as well.

Population of Kansas City 2020

To avoid the confusion with both of having similar names, the town of Kansas was named Kansas City. The city has a lot on offer for its locals and tourists as it is well known for its Jazz music and also theater.

Moreover, the food within the city has a unique taste and style.

Population of Kansas City in 2020:

To find out the population of Kansas City in 2020, the population figures for the previous 5 years need to be checked. They are as follows:

  1. 2015 –475,378
  2. 2016 –481,420
  3. 2017 – 485,020
  4. 2018 – 488,620
  5. 2019 – 492,025.4

After going through the data numbers from 2015-19; it is known that the population of Kansas City has grown further by 16,647.4 in the past 5 years. As per average, each year the population increases by 3329.48. Additionally, the population in 2020 is estimated to be 492,025.4 + 3329.48 = 495,354.88. As per the conclusion, the population of Kansas City in 2020 as per estimates = 495,354.88.

Demography of Kansas City:

In terms of racial numbers, 60% are White, 29% Black, 3% Asian, 1% Native American, and others make up the rest of the numbers.

The median age in the city of Kansas is 35 years with a sex ratio of 51% females and 49% males.

88% of the population in Kansas City speaks English, while the other 12% speak various languages and Spanish is spoken in a large number.

Population Density and Growth of Kansas City:

The population density of the city of Kansas is 560 persons per square kilometer. Kansas City has been growing at a healthy and steady rate and in the last few years, there hasn’t been a case where it had a population decline.

This implies that several people are coming to this part of the country and also fewer people leaving the city. It is estimated the population growth will go higher in the years to come.

Facts About Kansas City:

  1. The Arrowhead Stadium was the first ever to transmit instant replay.
  2. In Kansas City, one thing is very obvious and a common sight, that is Barbeques. You will find a big list of restaurants that are just meant for Barbeques with different flavors and meat.
  3. The first-ever Mickey Mouse was drawn in Kansas City. Walt Disney moved in here with his whole family during his childhood. He grew up in this part of the United States and by 1920 he started his studio named, Laugh-O-Gram. There was a small mouse that happened to live in the building and from there the inspiration set for the original drawings of the Mickey Mouse.
  4. There is a reason why the city of Kansas is fondly called as the city of fountains. It has the most number of fountains than any other city in the country and probably just besides Rome in terms of having the maximum number of fountains. On each April, the city celebrates the Fountain Day as the Fountains are back to their working after their hibernation during the winter months.
  5. The city is one of a kind where there was hardly any prohibition. In the past, there were hardly any restrictions on whatever you do, ranging from being all night with friends in a club to unlimited drinking.