Population of Sacramento 2020: (Capital City of California)

Sacramento as a city is the capital of the state of California, USA. It is also the 6th largest city in the state and also the fastest growing city in the state due to its imperative financial center on the west coast.

Population of Sacramento 2020

The city is also a major educational center point with the University of California and Sacramento State University located here.

Many Chinese individuals during the time of 1940-50 made their way out here due to the ongoing war between China with Britain and France. Most of the Chinese settled in Sacramento and that is evident with the list of Chinese restaurants that can be seen almost everywhere around Sacramento.

Population of Sacramento in 2020:

To know the population of Sacramento in 2020, the population figures for the last 5 years need to be checked. They are as follows:

  1. 2015 –490,712
  2. 2016 – 495,512
  3. 2017 – 500,302
  4. 2018 – 505,102
  5. 2019 – 509,082.6

After checking the data figures from 2015-19; it can be seen that the population of Sacramento went up by 18,370.6 in the past 5 years. In terms of average, every year the population goes up by 3674.12. Additionally, the population in 2020 is expected to be 509,082.6 + 3674.12 = 512,756.72. To conclude, the population of Sacramento in 2020 as per estimates = 512,756.72.

Demography of Sacramento:

As per race, the population of Whites in the city is close to 49%, Black 18%, Asian 15%, and other races make up the rest of the numbers.

The median age in the city of Sacramento is 34 years and a sex ratio of 51% in favor of females and 49% males.

English is the major language in the city but other languages are spoken in large numbers as well in the form of Chinese, Spanish, and French.

Population Density and Growth of Sacramento:

Sacramento has a population density of 1952 persons per square kilometer. As per estimates, the city of Sacramento is expected to grow substantially with the figures touching almost 2 million by the year 2060. Also, it is said that the Hispanic population might overtake that of Whites in the years to come.

Currently, the city enjoys a good enough population growth rate.

Facts About Sacramento:

  1. When the Capitol building of the city was renovated in the year 1976, it was known to be the biggest restoration project in the history of the United States as per that era.
  2. Sacramento is also referred to as the city of Trees. The reason for this name is because it has the most number of trees per capita as compared to any other city around the globe. Oaks, elms, and sycamores offer a lot to the city with its aesthetic look and keep the city green.
  3. Sacramento might be a lively city to live in but its past can be terrifying as it is said that certain parts of the city are haunted and many people have claimed to be disturbed by ghosts in different parts of Sacramento.
  4. The city is said to have started the oldest triathlon in the world, excluding swimming. Instead of the participants going for a swim, they are supposed to paddle their way via kayaking. This unique sporting event is quite a hit with locals and it is passionately followed in Sacramento.
  5. This can come as a shock but the city has witnessed snowfall only thrice since 1900. The city enjoys more of Mediterranean weather which becomes ideal for biking and even walking for a longer duration around the city.